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Lynne Atwood

Lynne Atwood

Sharon, MA


My watercolors reflect my personality: upbeat, eclectic, mostly realistic and colorful. For all of my adult life I have painted what is appealing to me: whether it is landscapes, seascapes, florals, reflections, or children playing on the beach. I always have a camera with me, and almost anything can be the subject of my next painting. I am especially drawn to flowers, dappled sunlight, interesting shadow patterns, reflections on glass, and the play of natural light on my subjects. I enjoy painting commissioned pieces of people, pets, homes and gardens. Being spontaneous and eclectic in my choice of subject matter always keeps me excited and interested in my next painting!

I am a working watercolorist in Sharon, Massachusetts, and I have pursued my love of art for nearly thirty years; taking oil and watercolor workshops and classes and attending numberous museum and other art exhibits. I currently exhibit and sell in galleries, juried shows, exhibitions, outdoor festivals, and professional offices. I also love doing commissions of people, pets, homes, and gardens.

I am a signature member of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society, have had 3 pieces selected for New England Watercolor Society's national shows, and exhibited in many juried shows.

Most importantly, I'm blessed to have art so much a part of the way that I look at everything around me, and I continue to be excited and challenged by creating.

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Crabbing by Lynne Atwood


Wine in Progress by Lynne Atwood


Cowgirls by Lynne Atwood


Peace on the water by Lynne Atwood


Boy with Truck by Lynne Atwood


Rocky Beach by Lynne Atwood


Muscle Beach by Lynne Atwood


Hands with Shells by Lynne Atwood


Before the Rush by Lynne Atwood


Duck Family by Lynne Atwood


Old Glory by Lynne Atwood


Candy Apples by Lynne Atwood


Dipped Strawberries by Lynne Atwood


St. Martin Rooftops by Lynne Atwood


Ballet Dancer by Lynne Atwood


Siesta Key Cottage by Lynne Atwood


Rome Market by Lynne Atwood


Cafe Con Leche by Lynne Atwood


Siena View by Lynne Atwood


radishes by Lynne Atwood


Flamingo by Lynne Atwood


Clementines by Lynne Atwood


Cape Cod Sunset by Lynne Atwood